About us

3D printing has a big impact in various industrial fields all around the world. From prototypes, planning, medicine etc. After the expansion of FDM printers had 3D printers become available to the general public.

Magicians always use the newest and best technologies for their magic effects. Printing out big illusions is not realistic yet, however for close-up magic is 3D printing advantageous.

Hreb3D is the first company in the world that provides original and classical tricks for downloading, ready to be downloaded for anyone anywhere. No matter if the person is a magician or just an aspiring one.
The tricks are ready to be downloaded in a .STL format always including a tutorial. Modifications of colors is available for anyone to create their own original.

Rather than waiting for a package from an online shop, the magic trick can be downloaded, printed out and you can start surprising yourself and others.

Hreb3D Team.