GDPR Compliance Statement


What is GDPR Compliance?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU-wide regulation for the protection of European citizens data that comes into force on 25th of May 2018 and all companies that collect such data will need to comply with it. It establishes a set of compliance and security processes around managing personally identifiable information so that it is not misused. Currently there is no certification or license required or available for GDPR.

Our Commitment Towards GDPR

Our customers right to privacy is a main priority for Hreb s.r.o. .
Hreb s.r.o. is GDPR compliant.

GDPR Compliance FAQs

Where is personal data stored?

Our datacenter is in EU, Czech Republic.

What type of storage it use and in which format is the personal data stored?

Ours storage is SQL relation database. Invoices are archived in backup, located in Czech republic as well in PDF format. And also in printed form.

If a customer asks to be forgotten what will Hreb s.r.o. do? Can their data be erased?

No. It is collected for a legitimate interest and we need to retain it for up to 10 years for legal and financial reasons.

How long will Hreb s.r.o. retain the customer data?

We will keep the data for 10 years.

How do I export my personal data?

Please Contact us.